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Antara Dua Darjat (1960)

Ghazali, a local musician, and his friends came to the rescue of Tengku Zaleha when her car got stuck in the mud during a downpour. She invited him and his friends to perform in Anggerik Villa during her birthday. Soon she started to mix with the locals, especially with Ghazali. However her movement was monitored closely and controlled by her strict father and brother and confined her to the villa. She requested to take up piano lesson from Ghazali, knowing this would give her a chance to meet him everyday. Their relationship became closer but was quickly separated when Tengku Zaleha's father and brother found out. Ghazali was beaten by several men till he fainted. In the meantime, Tengku Zaleha was brought back to Singapore and forced to marry Tengku Mukri. Few years later, she went back to Anggerik Villa and Ghazali just couldn't believe his eyes when he saw her as he thought she was dead. Tengku Zaleha was torn between two worlds but later decided to end her marriage. When Tengku Mukri realized what was going on, he couldn't accept the fact as his wife had left him, a man of status and wealth, for a commoner like Ghazali. What happened to the lovebirds? Will their love be separated again for the second time?


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