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Ali Baba Bujang Lapok (1961)

In Baghdad lived Ali Baba the pauper and his brother the rich man Kassim Baba. Ali Baba earns his living by collecting firewoods but due to his working nature he is not able to earn much so he frequently asks the help of his brother for money and food once in a while. His wealthy brother always looks down on his younger brother saying that he doesn't have ambition to improve his life if he keeps on doing the work he is doing. One day while Ali baba was collecting firewood near a cliff as always, he spotted a group of thieves walking to a nearby cave. The head theif was reading something in front of the cave and a door opened up and closed back after all the thieves had gotten in. Ali Baba waited up in a nearby tree for the theieves to leave the cae. As they finally leave he walked up to the cave and read the exact same thing and a door opened up. As he entered the cave to his surprise there were so many treasures of gold and diamonds unimaginable to his eyes. Of all the things he oculd find in the cave he only took a case of gold coins and instantly became a rich man. His brother who was so curious on his brothers new fortune he was so anxious to know of how he gotten rich so fast. Due to Kassim Baba's greedy nature he took all of the treasure in the cave. As he was about to leave the cave the group of thieves arrived and captured Kassim Baba. He was killed and cut up into pieces. Ali Baba was saddened by this but he ned to be prepared because the theives were coming to look for him for the case of gold coins.


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