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Nujum Pa' Blalang (1959)

Pak Belalang was the laziest person in Pohon Beringin village. He has a son named Belalang. It all started when Belalang managed to trick two thieves, Badan and Nyawa, who had just stolen two cows and two goats. Not knowing who the rightful owners are, Belalang asked his father to be an astrologer. When the rightful owners complained to the village headman of their missing animals, Belalang told them to seek his father's help. Naturally Belalang and his father knew the exact locations of the missing animals. Soon the village people recognized him as a great astrologer. When the Sultan Shahrul Nizam's treasures were stolen by Badan and Nyawa, the village headman suggested to the Sultan to consult Pak Belalang the astrologer not realizing that Pak Belalang was a fake. Pak Belalang panicked and hid himself in a cave. Through pure luck and certain turns of event, Pak Belalang managed to locate the hidden treasure. In the meantime, Sultan Baginda Masai and his ministers approached Sultan Shahrul Nizam and placed a wager: the loser shall lose his kingdom. Sultan Shahrul Nizam was given 4 riddles to solve within 3 days and 3 nights. Pak Belalang was given the heavy task of solving the riddle. Did Pak Belalang's luck finally run out?


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