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Dr Rushdi (1970)

Dr. Rushdi and his wife Mariana attended a get together held by Rozaiman. As the event was going on Dr. Rushdi received an emergency call from one of his patients. He had to leave his wife behind and attend to his patient. Mariana and Rozaiman gotten to know each other on that night. Since then they had this secret affair everytime Dr. Rushdi attended to his patients and has not attended to his wife's need. One day Dr. Rushdi saw his wife with Rozaiman at a hotel. Being so heartbroken to find out that his wife was cheating on him he decided to kill himself by drinking poison but was luckily stopped by his nurse Muliani. Dr. Rushdi was moved by Muliani's actions. She has actually had feelings towards him all these while. After that Dr. Rushdi divorced his wife and went to stay with Muliani at her house. Rozaiman on the other hand planned to destroy Dr. Rushdi and swindle away his insurance money where he has nominated Mariana as the sole person to his wealth. Will Rozaiman's plan ever destroy Dr. Rushdi? 


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